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Youtube went down Again! Business Gamut was not able to Watch videos!LOL!
Google Photos will no longer give free storage after 15 GB
Microsoft Q1 results are out! Revenue of $37.2Billion came in, that is 12% up YoY
Microsoft Teams got 115 million DAU this Quarter. The jump can be attributed to adoption of online remote working due to COVID
Airbnb is splitting its internal shares! Airbnb will launch its IPO soon.
Flipkart is investing in another fashion retail! this time it is investing in Aditya Birla Fashion! #Abof
Amazon prime is the very best Growth Engine of Amazon and this time they nailed it!
Apple iPhone in India | Amazon sold as many iphones in one sale that they sold in entire 2019.
Facebook Ai : M2M -100, the top class Language Translator will be launched very soon!
Paypal wants to make it large in Crypto! They are eying to acquire multiple business in the bitcoin space.
Intel Q3 results are published! Revenue of $18.33 Billion disclosed.
Snapchat India shows huge growth and clocked 150% YOY growth in its Daily active users (DAU)
Snapchat Q3 results shows good growth in Revenue!
Netflix Q3 results are out and they have added 2.20 Million new subscribers! with a revenue of $6.44 billion!
Technology companies are set to end the year with their greatest share of the stock market ever, topping a dot-com era peak in the latest illustration of their growing influence on global consumers.
Female Lead characters in the Games Announced in 2020 is around 20%
Among us has become the most downloaded Game of 2020.

Google Chat is Coming Next Year, on Gmail and the Standalone App

And these the Revenue Streams of Tinder!

Email Marketing

There are Two type of Emails:

  1. Transactional Email
  2. Marketing/ Promotional Email

Email Marketing Infographics by Business Gamut |

Promotional or Marketing Emails have different pipeline offered by ESP | business gamut infographics

Transactional Emails have different pipeline offered by ESP | business gamut infographics

Email service providers offer both these two email types over two different pipes. As both the type of emails are for different purpose and users engage with them differently. The open rate of transactional emails are way high as compare to the marketing emails.

Tip : You should not send your transactional emails over your marketing pipeline.



Top Investors in India

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