The Amazing story of Amazon Kindle

Back in the year 1995, a new company called Amazon launched an online marketplace for books. Within four years since its inception, the company diversified its product offerings to music and videos, video games etc. Today, is the most valuable retail e-commerce company in the United States of America, which focuses primarily on e-commerceContinue reading “The Amazing story of Amazon Kindle”

Business Models in Food Delivery Business

Life has become much simpler since businesses have gone digital. It just takes a click to do a lot of things which would have taken hours otherwise. Food is the basic necessity for human survival, and when food delivery platforms were introduced, it was indeed a boon for hostellers, working professionals, food lovers, people whoContinue reading “Business Models in Food Delivery Business”

Analytical observation on Indian Matchmaking apps

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Love and belonging for a human being is the third most crucial need after physiological needs (air, water, food and clothing) and Safety needs (employment and personal security) and there is no surprise to see companies cashing on this opportunity. With digitization and digital transformation happening in all industries,Continue reading “Analytical observation on Indian Matchmaking apps”

COVID-19 pushing industries to adopt Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation due to COVID 19 Over the years companies around the globe have found it difficult to adopt digital transformation.  Digital transformation has been seen as a competitive threat adopted by tech-savvy players in the industry. A study shows that only 30% of companies have successfully succeeded in digital transformation.  But due to theContinue reading “COVID-19 pushing industries to adopt Digital Transformation”